The Dionysian Experience

Sensual, Thoughtful, and Very Naughty

(Audio) Press Play: Again…Again

  NOTE: Listening to this 3:00 audio clip with ear buds truly enriches the sound. If you play it on your speaker, keep your hand close to the volumeā€¦it gets … Continue reading

January 5, 2018 · 124 Comments

Cuckolding: A Submissive Woman’s Perspective

Sienna’s sexual fantasies centered around being submissive to me. My primary fantasy centered around Sienna cuckolding me. Read how Sienna viewed cuckolding from a submissive woman’s perspective and how she made it work.

December 11, 2017 · 43 Comments

Taxi, Take Us Home

As the saying goes, home is where the heart is. Taxi, take us home. Setting the Stage I am in the process of sharing an erotic journey called Sensual Shadows. … Continue reading

January 3, 2017 · 24 Comments

Gently Removing Sienna’s Mask

Setting the Stage Back in 2013 – 2014, I shared a blog titled Sensual Shadows with Sienna. We used this blog as a platform for building something together and staying … Continue reading

January 2, 2017 · 24 Comments

Sensual Shadows (Introduction and Toast)

Setting the Stage Sienna. When I think of words to describe Sienna, many come to mind: gorgeous, divine, sensual, naughty, dreamy, and hypnotizing are just a few. I once described … Continue reading

January 1, 2017 · 65 Comments