Dionysus and Black Bulls

Cuckold: All The World's A Stage


Welcome to Dionysus and Black Bulls.

Revealing myself as a man with cuckold fantasies is difficult and something I hesitate to do. Many people don’t understand cuckolding at all or have misconceptions about what it means to be a cuckold. While there are some common characteristics shared by cuckolds, it is also a complex fantasy with many variations. I have several posts on this blog that describe various psychological aspects of cuckolding.

I live my life in way that most would describe as an alpha male. I compete hard in sports, academics, business, and for women. I want women to be attracted to me, to feel like we have amazing sex, and to fall in love. I strive to be all they ever dreamed of in a man. Then, I introduce my cuckold fantasy.  Cuckolding to me represents inversion. I become something that I am not in the real world and escape into a fantasy world. However, what happens in this fantasy world is real…at least momentarily.

Being cuckolded has long been one of my favorite fantasies and I’ve been fortunate to actually experience it. If you are a woman or man that is curious about the lifestyle but somewhat turned off by the seemingly extreme content found in fictionalized cuckolding, you have come to right place. What I share on Dionysus and Black Bulls is real and presented in a thoughtful and, hopefully, erotic manner. It is based on my experiences within loving relationships where cuckolding enhances the relationship and is ultimately about our journey together as a loving couple.

This blog is a workspace for cuckold-centered posts and vignettes. Ultimately, I will build these posts out for inclusion into my main blog, Cream of the Planet.  I hope you will visit me there for both cuckold and non-cuckold content. 

Your comments and personal experiences are welcomed. ~ Michael

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