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The Sexual Hierarchy – Sienna’s Letter

The Sexual Hierarchy – Sienna’s Letter

This is the second installment of a two-part, true story. The first installment is available here: The Sexual Hierarchy – Sienna Confesses

Setting the Stage

As this story unfolds, Sienna and I are in a deeply committed relationship. Our love for one another is at the peak and full transcendent power of romantic love. In terms of sexuality, divine bliss is a phrase that captures it perfectly. We are also a bit kinky and interracial cuckolding has long been a part of our sexual fantasies. From my perspective, this means my number one fantasy is to watch her with well-hung black men. I also enjoy a sexual kink known as small-penis teasing/humiliation. As a man that lives my life as a highly-competitive alpha male, being cuckolded and enduring small-penis teasing serves as a form of psychological masochism that I find wildly exciting.

Our interracial cuckolding experience represents something known as inversion—the reversal of one’s status and self concept. This inversion applies not only to my experience but also to Sienna’s. Being treated like a fuck doll by a well-hung black man is something that goes against her character. In doing so, this “inversion” excites her. The ancient Greeks recognized the power of inversion and attributed this force to Dionysus. It is one part of the Dionysian experience which is the title of my profile.

When I left off in part I, Sienna and I were messaging and reminiscing about our first cuckold experience. After weeks of denial, Sienna had finally confessed that the other guy—Jalen—had indeed fucked her better. She had more to share around this subject but wanted to send it later in the day after she got her thoughts together. The email finally arrived and here is what my lover had to say:

Sexual Hierarchy – Sienna’s Letter

Sweet love, I so enjoyed our texting today. This entire adventure with you is all so hot, naughty, and liberating! There are some things I have really wanted to share with you since our time with Jalen but have felt hesitant. I wasn’t sure if you REALLY wanted to know the truth, or if you just thought you might want to know. The last thing in the world I ever want to happen is to say or do anything that would hurt you and US.

Over the last few weeks, we have spent a lot of time reminiscing about our experience with Jalen. You’ve often asked me about comparisons between you and him—his length, thickness, how I felt, etc.  Although I never really mentioned it before, I had worried that once we experienced this you might feel differently towards me or even leave me after experiencing the fantasy. Yet, along the way, you were always so reassuring and I ultimately felt comfortable going through with it. Still, there was that little nagging voice in the back of my mind. I think this is why I have been a bit vague in answering some of your comparison-type questions.

That said, you have handled me so amazingly since our time with Jalen and what we experienced has only fueled our passion for one another. I feel so fortunate and blessed to be your girl! It has taken me a little time to process this and to become more comfortable with it as part of our new reality. As I’ve become more comfortable about what happened, I have come to feel that you really do want to know the truth about how I experienced Jalen and his big black cock. We have always been so open with another, and I want it stay that way. This is important to me.

Baby, when you first shared your cuckold fantasy and built up what the experience would be like for me, I didn’t think it would be possible for any man to ever supplant you as my “best ever”. I went along with it in our fantasy talk, but deep down inside I didn’t really believe it was possible. More so, I didn’t even want it to be true. It was always such a magical feeling to look at you and know no man has ever commanded my body and my pleasure like you do. I couldn’t fathom ever telling you that another man had fucked me better.

Beyond the question of “better”, even the thought of being with another man blew my mind. Fucking a man I don’t know is so out of character for me. You are the man I love and adore, and I didn’t feel like I needed or even wanted another man. While it is true I did harbor a secret desire to experience the mythical “Big Black Cock”, it is something I would have never actually done before meeting you. Then, for this very thing to be encouraged by you—the man I love— and for it to play out in front of you was all so crazy hot! I learned a lot that day, but it left you with many unanswered questions. As awkward as it may feel to me, there are answers I think I owe you. We are a couple and it should be all about our experience…not just mine.

So, you want to know if he fucked me better? The short answer is YES. In terms of a purely physical experience, he fucked me better than you ever have. His cock was so big and magnificent! He made me feel sensations your little cock simply can’t give me. To be fully transparent, it was the best sex of my life. Jalen fucked me better. There, I said it…finally. I knew it in the moment but didn’t want to admit it to you or, I suppose, even admit it to myself. How could this stranger make me feel soooo good?! How could I be so in love with you, yet respond so intensely to nothing but the raw physical power of another man’s cock? The truth though is undeniable.

In the afterglow of our naughty rendezvous, I’m left with this odd realization that the best sex I have ever had was with a black man that I have no emotional connection whatsoever and barely know. I can’t even believe I’m saying this. It feels very primal, and I’m not sure what it says about me? Now, every time a see a black man, my pussy tingles as I’m flooded with fantasies about how good it would feel for him to fuck me. And, whenever I’m with my girlfriends, I feel like I have such a hot naughty secret I want to share with them. They would be so shocked and jealous, I’m sure! It’s all an intense mind fuck that constantly swirls around me. It’s so naughty and I love it! I think you knew this would be case and that’s part of the reason you wanted it for me. You take such good care of your girl!

When I recall those hours with Jalen, he was clearly the Alpha in the room that day. Whenever pulled his cock out of me to take a break, you saw how I reached for him…begging and pleading with him to put his cock back inside me. He laughed at me in my frenzy as he moved aside to give you a turn between my legs. He wanted me to feel the difference between his cock and yours…the same sensation you also wanted me to have. He knew it would only make me crave his cock even more and it worked! After months of build up to this day, it must have been hot for him to have me—the white goddess in his fantasy—with legs spread begging him for more of his juicy black cock. Honestly, I never thought it would go that way or that he would feel so amazing!

Baby, when you took your turn between my legs, you slipped so easily inside me. Jalen’s thick cock had opened me up so deep and wide that I could barely feel you. I mean, I felt pressure on my clit when our bodies pressed together. Inside though, there was nothing…I felt empty. It was shocking and made me a little sad because I wanted to feel you and wanted it to feel good to you. Mostly though, I remember feeling pouty and wanting more of Jalen’s black cock—he was just so much larger and filling. I couldn’t help but crave the sensation of him pushing the limits of my tight white pussy as I struggled to take all of him inside me. I think you knew and felt all of this in the moment too. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings at any moment during this. I just couldn’t help myself.

Sweetheart, I was so wanting to drain Jalen’s massive cock and feel him cum inside me. He had given me such pleasure and countless waves of orgasms. He owned my body. I was cock drunk and wanted nothing more than to feel this man’s monstrous cock erupting inside me. I wanted it…I NEEDED his cum inside me if only to have some sense of closure. Maybe there was a part of me that wanted to have a part of him with me after he left. I don’t know why I felt this so strongly but I did, and it surprised me.

I recall having flashes of you watching and taking photos as you stroked your smaller white cock while he fucked me. In those hazy, transient moments, it was reassuring to know you too were excited and enjoying the experience. You watched this man transport me to another world before leaving me wrecked on the bed in what felt like a black-cock coma with his seed spilling heavily from my VERY satisfied white pussy. I was dazed after he came and pulled out. I felt the heat from his cum inside me which contrasted against the emptiness of no longer having his magnificent cock completely filling my silky walls.

As I lay there, it was surreal to feel so loved by you while at the same time feeling so sexually satisfied by another man. I couldn’t believe how good it had been and that it was actually okay for me to experience the guilty pleasure of this man and his AMAZING black cock.

After Jalen shot his creamy cum inside me, you came closer and took your place between my legs as his cum spilled out and onto the sheets. My pussy was so on fire and wanton for you—my man—to cum inside me too. Like we had fantasized about, I was anticipating the sensation of having the cum of two men inside me. I knew I would have to wait for this guilty sensation to occur.

I remember you talking a lot in the past about wanting to go down on me after another man came inside me. When you first shared this with me, I had a hard time getting my mind around it. It seemed like such an epic “wrong” in my head. It didn’t make sense. I couldn’t understand why you—my strong sexy man—would want to lick another man’s cum from my pussy. Honestly, the thought never really did anything for me, but I understood it turned on you. Knowing this made it exciting for me. However, as I lay there anticipating you going down on me, I realized my perception of this act had changed. I now understood why this was hot for you, and it felt very hot for me in a new and unexpected way. The symbolic nature of this gesture was now clear to me. I wanted you to lick his cum from my pussy…I needed you to do it.

Let me see if I can explain. It wouldn’t, for example, have been hot for me to have Jalen licking your cum from my pussy. In the same way I had originally thought about it with you, it didn’t make sense for him to do this. Now though, the thought of you doing it had become so damn hot! It became an Alpha male thing in my mind. He had the bigger cock and fucked me like I have never known before. He took me, stretched my pussy at his will, fucked me in any position he wanted, and then flooded my inner pink with his creamy sperm. As the Alpha, he  took what he wanted and you took whatever he left for you…including his cum in my pussy. I wanted Jalen to see you do it and for him to know that we—as a loving white couple—acknowledged his place in the sexual hierarchy.

Baby, I was loving you deep and filled with anticipation as you took your place between my legs to lap up Jalen’s cum. His volume was so heavy, and I had been spread open so widely to accommodate his thick black cock. I knew it would be the first of many times you would lick his cum and the cum other other black men from my stretched white pussy. Your acceptance made it even hotter for me because it was like a reversal of the fabric of our culture. My sexy lover with a smaller white cock shares in the bliss of this Black Bull fantasy with the white sexual Goddess–YOUR woman. You gave way to my deep sexual desires, and I no longer have to hide my shameful dark cravings. My forever white lover has set me free to fulfill my lustful cravings for black men. Through this, you and I experience a more honest and deeply committed love. It is all so fucking sexy and crazy hot! Mmmm, I love you!!!

I’ll end with the most important thing I want you know. As amazing as he was, it only makes me want you more! You are my sexy, yummy, confident lover! Ultimately, you are the one that spoiled me and provided this pleasure…even though it came from another man’s big black cock. It is only from within the safety of our relationship that I am able to fully experience this taboo and, yes, superior pleasure. While I had once doubted it was possible, your place in the sexual hierarchy is now evident to me. Yet, your power is greater in the hierarchy of love and that is where you prevail. Deeper than all the layers of this fantasy is the unbreakable love we share.

XOXOXO ~ Sienna

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