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The Sexual Hierarchy – Sienna Confesses

The Sexual Hierarchy – Part I

“You acknowledge the sexual hierarchy by licking the Black Bull’s cum from my pussy. My sexy lover with a smaller white cock shares in the bliss of the Black Bull fantasy with the white sexual Goddess–YOUR woman. In doing so, you—my forever lover—set me free to fulfill my lustful cravings for black men.” ~ Sienna

Sienna - BBC Worship

Setting the Stage

At the time of this true story, Sienna and I are in a deeply committed relationship. Our love for one another is at the peak and full transcendent power of romantic love. In terms of sexuality, divine bliss is a phrase that captures it perfectly. We are also a bit kinky and interracial cuckolding has long been a part of our sexual fantasies. From my perspective, this means my number one fantasy is to watch her with well-hung black men. I also enjoy a kink known as small-penis teasing. As a man that lives my life as a highly-competitive alpha male, being cuckolded and enduring small-penis teasing serves as a form of psychological masochism that I find wildly erotic. It also represents something known as inversion—the reversal of one’s status and self concept. The ancient Greeks recognized the power of inversion and attributed this force to Dionysus. My inversion creates an intensely arousing erotic swirl that is like nothing I have ever experienced before.

The Sexual Hierarchy – Part I

Sienna and I are texting back and forth one day when I tease her about her phone lagging and being of inferior quality. She comes back at me strongly, “Baby, you better be careful. I’m going to have my new friend with a big black cock, put you and your cock in its place!” With this brief snippet, Sienna unleashes what would become an intensely erotic revelation—one that still excites me today.

Sienna and I often used cuckolding as a primary sexual kink in our sexual fantasies. It evolved over time into a shared fantasy that was wildly exciting to both of us. As this particular moment is unfolding, we are in the afterglow of our first actual cuckolding experience. In other words, my sweet, sensual Sienna had actually spread her legs and been fucked by a hung black man. Her reference to her Black Bull putting my cock in its place represents a new vibe coming from my angelic girl.

During the initial sharing and development of our fantasy, Sienna resisted the erotic layer of my fantasy that cast me in the role of “less than” or sexually inferior to her Black Bull. Now that she had actually slept with a man endowed with a much larger cock, my desire for her to make  comparisons was more intense than ever. However, there was more to this desire than my own masochistic pleasure. I also felt that if Sienna would allow herself to go this space (assuming she felt it), it would be a sign that she had tapped into something deeper within her own sexuality—something raw and bestial—that is purely pleasure based and distinct from the complexities of an emotional connection. She would then be a step closer to the Naughty Angel archetype I craved.

I respond to Sienna’s text about her Bull “putting my cock in its place” and push this newly expanding erotic edge. I ask, “What is he going to tell me or show me? Is he going to show me once again how much better he can fuck my girl than I can? Will I again witness how differently you respond to having a REAL cock inside you?” I send the message with great anticipation of her reply. I know what I saw that day while watching this man taking my lover. Yet, she hasn’t been forthcoming in describing how he made her feel. Waiting for her reply, I imagine her naughty thoughts swirling with her more loving and angelic spirit. Sexual fantasies are one thing, but our relationship is of utmost  importance to her. To this end, she has remained steadfast in validating me as her man and lover.

Finally, she responds. My heart races as I open the text. “Mmmm baby, yes! He showed this to both of us, but it seems you may be due for a reminder.” Damn, she said it. Right? Maybe she wasn’t really paying attention and just quickly sent this reply? Wow. For the first time since experiencing her first black cock, is Sienna actually admitting that he fucked her better? The next message drops in, “Even so, we both know I will always come back to you and my little white cock. It may be small by comparison but it’s so dependable, loving, and precise.”

My thoughts hang on the words—“Even so…”— as I scroll back through the messages. I had asked her if he was going to show me again how he fucked her better and she said, “He showed this to both of us…Even so…”. There is a pang in my chest and her words strike like a little punch in my stomach. My body feels shaky, but my cock reveals the real truth. I’ve become achingly hard during Sienna’s not-so-veiled admission—it such an erotic rush. He did fuck her better…and she admitted it.

Her words around our relationship are reassuring as she adds in a heavy dose of small-penis teasing while edging towards acknowledgement of her Black Bull’s sexual superiority. I push her for more. “Sexy girl, mine is the cock of the man that loves you. The other man has different intentions. He offers a big, thick black cock intent only on making you feel his sexual superiority by giving your tight white pussy a feeling you have never had before but always craved. You want to feel it again don’t you?”

Sienna is getting into it, “Yes baby, I do crave MORE, and I do want more black cock! This is all so hot and naughty…I love it! I can take it all from both my men and drain you both. Then again, I don’t ever really drain you. Even after you have fucked me so good and came so many times, your big beautiful balls keep loading up with more creamy cum for me!”

I send her a few more comparison/sexual superiority-type messages but no real responses come back. Sienna is busy with work and has to break off from our texting. She does say she has something she wants to share and will do so in an email later in the day. She needs time to get her thoughts together and adds, “It’s about Jalen, and I think you’re going to like it…I hope so!” I love when she feels inspired to put her thoughts down on paper. It is like receiving an erotic gift to be able to wander through her naughty and well-developed thoughts. Throughout the remainder of the day, my cock drips with arousal and anticipation as I constantly scan my inbox. Finally, her email appears…

To be continued…

In the next update, Sienna goes into more detail about her experience with Jalen to include the physical sensations she experienced and makes the erotic comparisons I had ached to hear. Her email culminates with her thoughts about why she wanted to feel her Black Bull cum inside her and why she wanted me to lick Jalen’s cum from her pussy. To read Sienna’s letter, please visit The Sexual Hierarchy – Sienna’s Letter.

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