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Cuckold: All The World's A Stage

Please, I’m Begging!

Bathroom 1

Image: created with DAZ Studio and Photoshop

Looking back, my cuckold moments with her seem almost surreal.  Sienna was so sweet, sensual, and sexually innocent.  Our love was as intense and passionate as one can possibly imagine…it was the full transcendent expression of Romantic Love.  If you are unfamiliar with the seven forms of love, I invite you to visit my primary bog, Creamoftheplanet.com to read Romantic Love: Hearts on Fire.

Over the course of time, we began to explore our sexual fantasies and I introduced her to the themes of interracial cuckolding. As expected, she was resistant at first.  She would tell me that I was more than enough for her and the only man she wanted.  I persisted. The thought of turning me on and fulfilling my fantasies began to make it hot for her.  I began incorporating erotic stories into our love making and we both came so hard to visuals of a black man opening her up and stretching her tight white pussy. Eventually, the thought of being with a hung black man began to really turn her on too and she wanted to move from fantasy to reality.  It was a long journey and transformation for Sienna to ultimately reach the point depicted in this image.

We are meeting a gentleman (Jalen) we have been interacting virtually with for several months.  Sienna and I both feel like he is the perfect guy to take her black-cock virginity.  Tonight is intended to be a meet and greet to make sure we all feel comfortable with one another.  The real fun will happen the following night at our hotel room.  Sienna has other plans though.

Sienna has become engulfed in the erotic swirl of the black cock fantasy and her dark craving is burning like wild fire inside her.  My lover is so filled with anticipation and desire that she would do anything to satisfy her dark desires. In her words:

“Please Jalen, you have me begging! Take me with you into the men’s room.  I at least need your strong black cock in mouth…just give me a taste of what’s in store for me tomorrow.  But, what I would really love is for you to fuck me.  Don’t make me suffer through one more night as a black-cock virgin. I have waited long enough! Take me in there and indoctrinate me as black cock slut tonight. Then tomorrow, when you come over I’ll be fully prepared to worship at your black-cock altar just like you said I should.”

My head was spinning. For a woman that had once been so modest and conservative, it made my head spin to see her in this light. I’m certain she never imagined herself standing outside the men’s restroom begging a man to let her suck his cock…a man she had never even kissed and had no emotional connection. She is wild, lustful, and wanton.

As for my own reaction, I’m hard as steel. Seeing the woman I love begging a black man to fuck her in a men’s room stall like a naughty little slut is a fantasy unfolding before my eyes.  I’m literally standing there hoping another man “allows” my lover to suck his cock. I’m hoping he allows my lover to bend over a stall and take his long, thick black cock from behind. I’m hoping he fills and floods her pussy with a heavy load of sperm.

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2 comments on “Please, I’m Begging!

  1. Melinda & Paul
    August 28, 2017

    I have had fantasies about having another man flood me with his semen though I don’t necessarily see anything specific in regards to the man having one ethnicity over any others. I have been reading some on the desire of men to have their wives or girlfriends penetrated by black men and I am trying to understand it.

    We love your writing, Michael. Paul and I have found incredible arousal in your words and thoughts.



    Liked by 2 people

    • Michael
      August 29, 2017

      Mel, thanks so much for giving this a read and sharing your reaction. I’ve mentioned before that this particular blog is “not ready for primetime” yet and something of a work in progress. Your thoughts on some of these posts help me understand aspects that are hot and other layers that may need more explanation on my end. Knowing how you are so in love with Paul and also have fantasies of another man flooding you with his semen…has me pressing the limits of my slacks. I find this soooo damn hot, whew! Regarding in interracial (black male) aspect, drilling down into why this is hot (for me and others with this festish) is definitely something I am working on for a series of posts. I have a few “Cuckold Interviews” posted or about to be posted that explore the interracial aspect from others and then I’m going to write about it specifically. Really, it is laced through many of the posts on this blog. I believe you guys are from the UK? It may be a slight cultural difference we have with you guys. Here in the US, interracial sex was at one time, without a doubt, taboo. The taboo has faded with history and each passing generation. It has reached a point now where people actually play with it sexually as fetish. Black men on adult sites market themselves to white couples searching for a Big Black Cock. These men get something very satisfying from the experience as well as the white wife/girlfriend and her man. Not everyone feels or understands it though and that’s why it is a fetish. 🙂 Ethnicity aside, I’m glad you and Paul enjoy most of my writing and find it arousing. I couldn’t ask for a more meaningful result and your arousal also really turns me on. It is a wonderfully, delicious erotic circle.🔥

      Liked by 1 person

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