Dionysus and Black Bulls

Cuckold: All The World's A Stage

Video: Naughty Angel (Dominant Cuckold)

Erotic video exploring a lesser known variation in cuckold play–the dominant cuckold.

Cream of the Planet

Video: GQ Spain, Mine

Song: Portishead, Glory Box

Video Mix: Cream of the Planet, Naughty Angel

In Cuckold: A Brief Introduction, I provide a high-level introduction to cuckolding and identify elements of the fantasy shared by all cuckolds. I also touch on a few additional fetishes that are often layered upon the cuckold fantasy. These fetishes exist on their own and aren’t essential themes of cuckolding. However, some are so commonly associated they seem to have taken over the essence of cuckolding and become part of the definition. Femdom (dominant female lead sexual play) is one example.

The Femdom fetish is craved by men with a submissive fantasy. However, male submission exists without cuckolding and cuckolding exists without female domination. They are distinct fantasies/fetishes. This video explores male dominance in cuckold play. Some readers may consider this to be an oxymoron. The belief that these two descriptors (dominant and…

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