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Sloppy Seconds


Setting the Stage:  Sienna and I are in a loving relationship and have been exploring cuckolding. In this post, I explore the sensation of having her for the first time after a well-hung black man has fucked her. As I pick up the moment…

Jalen has been fucking the hell out of my lover and has shot his heavy load inside her. She is out of her mind and lost in orgasmic bliss as she continues to moan and grind on him as she tries milk and capture every last drop of his cream inside her. Turned on beyond my wildest fantasies, I am eager to experience one of the moments she and I had often fantasized about. How would it feel for each of us as I enter her after she has been fucked by a man with a much larger cock and her pussy is filled with his cum?

She had often talked about how excited she would feel in this moment to have me between her legs. She anticipated this as an erotic moment of reconnecting in our erotic adventure. As I move Jalen aside and take my place between her legs, her reaction is very different. Sienna immediately begins to resist. “No, no, no! I was so close to coming again! Baby, no! I want Jalen’s big cock! This isn’t fair!” She is acting like a little brat that had her new toy taken away.

While it is very hot to be cuckolded, it is also a little embarrassing to be siting in a room watching another man fucking your woman. I suppose the embarrassment adds to the cuckold experience. But, her unplanned and unanticipated resistance only adds to my embarrassment and not in a good way. I had wanted Jalen to see the power of our romantic connection. Even as he was fucking her, I wanted him to see and feel how much she loved me and savored our moments together in the midst of this experience. Instead, she acted like she had been completely swept away by him and her lust for him was stronger than our love.

I didn’t pay any attention to her little tantrum. I roll her over on her stomach and deliver several swift smacks on her ass as she lets out a few audible and perhaps embarrassing whimpers. If she isn’t willing to give me the fantasy moment we had both anticipated, I will still take it. I roll her back over and move between her legs.

She stops resisting and calms down a bit as she looked into my eyes. I have looked deeply into her eyes many times before and felt totally in tune with her. Not today. I didn’t have any sense of what she was feeling. I carefully watch her expression as I slid my cock inside her. The different sensation is everything I hoped it would be. Typically, there is pleasant resistance as I work in my head and slowly immerse myself in her juices and tight pussy. Normally, her wetness lubricates my cock as I move slowly in and out to the sounds of her pleasure as my cock unfolds her silky lips. Today, it was very different. I ease my cock in with no sense of tightness or resistance all the way to the base…stopping just before my lower stomach touched her clit. This ensured that any sensation she felt would have to come solely from my the length and width of my cock.

As a cuckold that gets off on the size difference, the lack of tightness in this moment only excites me more. Sienna has a curious smile and looks at me a bit blankly, “Are you in, Baby?” She couldn’t feel me and had no sensation of my cock completely buried in her pussy. Damn, this was hot! I told her I was all the way in. “I don’t believe you!” she laughs. She slips one hand underneath and touches my balls and then the base of my cock against her lips. She now realizes I am fully inside her pussy. “OMG! Baby, this is so crazy…I can’t feel you at all!” Jalen is off the side and hears this. I imagine he must be feeling very proud of himself. He has stretched my lover out to the point where she can’t even feel my cock. My face reddens with embarrassment as Sienna announces this realization.

Sienna would recall this moment:

“I recall feeling the fullness of his larger black cock opening me up deeper and wider than I have ever felt before. I recall my shakiness and spasms as orgasms flooded my body over and over again! Then, you took your place between my spread legs and gushing pussy now filled with Jalen’s white creaminess. After feeling FULLY pleasured by a BBC, your little cock strained inside me to reach far away places. I gripped your ass and pulled you in deeper and as I tried to feel you in that deep place where only a black man has touched me… I was so wet, open and slippery from Jalen’s cum that you kept slipping out and struggled to stay in. I realized in that moment you’d never be able to reach those areas of decadent pleasure deep inside your girl like my Black Bull did. Those sensations are only felt as a BBC pushes the boundaries of my tight white pussy, mmmm!!!❤️💋🔥😘”

Sienna reacts to my sloppy seconds after watching the video of this moment:

“Baby, you are on the edge of the bed and fucking me after Jalen has fucked and cum inside me. I remember feeling like he had put me in a black-cock trance! This was as a great moment of contrast and wondering if I would feel you at all? This had been a big worry for me as we talked about bringing this fantasy to life. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to feel you and, if not, would it always be that way? At first, it was very difficult and I didn’t feel any friction. I couldn’t believe that you were all the way inside me and couldn’t feel you at all!

Jalen then comes back into view of the camera and gets beside me on the bed and lays his cock over my face. You are trying to keep your cock inside me and fuck me after I’ve been opened up and fucked by his monster black cock. He inches his black beast back into my mouth as you fuck me. My pussy is stretched and still lubricated with his heavy slippery cum. I see you struggling and straining to keep your little white cock inside me and trying to feel me….

You continue fucking me in an attempt to mix your hot cum with Jalen’s inside your Girl. I remember feeling very excited by the thought of having the cum of two men inside me and how my pussy began to pulse and contract. Although not as tight as before Jalen opened me up, I began to feel you a little and we were soon in a groove of our own! Mmmmmm! It must have been hot for Jalen too to watch you struggling as he lay beside me feeding me his massive cock and black balls. I am dripping wet watching the video and remembering this hot moment! I love you Baby!!!!!”

Sienna’s reaction in the moment pushes me hard and unexpectedly towards an orgasm driven almost solely by the erotic mind fuck I am experiencing. I make a few slow thrusts to savor the lack of sensation and lack of reaction on her face. She continues to look at me as if she is waiting patiently for something to happen. Of course, I could have fucked her hard and she would have reacted as I pounded her clit but that wasn’t what this moment was about. It was about both of us recognizing and appreciating the size difference.

Jalen soon moves onto the bed and feeds my girl his large black dick. Her eyes, hands, and attention are now all once again devoted to him and seemingly oblivious to me moving between her her legs. I’m so turned and it only takes a couple minutes before I feel my orgasm is about to explode! I stop myself short of coming.

I back out and motion for Jalen to take my place. He spreads and pushes up Sienna’s legs as he rubs his big thick head along her glistening lips before once again sinking his black manhood deeply inside her. Sienna’s eyes open wide and roll back along with her head. “Oh…my….god!!! Oh my god that feels so good! Fuck!” She grabs and paws at his thighs and ass like she has never felt anything so amazing in her life. She fucks him and rotates her hips on the large black cock buried deep inside and opening her up like never before. In what only seems like seconds, she is already returning to throws of orgasmic bliss! My cock remains hard and drips thickly with pre-cum as I watch Sienna coming hard on another man’s larger cock.

To be continued…


For a link to the home page for this blog devoted to cuckolding, please click Dionysus and Black Bulls.  Interested in a deeper exploration of cuckold psychology? You might enjoy a couple thoughtful cuckold posts on my primary blog, Cream of the Planet. Two post in particular: Cuckold: Mind Bender and Cuckold: Sperm Wars.

5 comments on “Sloppy Seconds

  1. worshippinggoddessnina
    August 19, 2016

    Spectacular. Get used to only being a tongue for Sienna. She will let you have sloppy seconds every now and then but eventually, when she realizes it does nothing for her, you’ll be relegated to the cleanup guy. Hope you like that!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Michael
      August 19, 2016

      That would be very hot! We’ve had some sexy discussions around this which I’ll be sharing soon. She is definitely warming up to the thought…. Thanks for your comment and hot reaction! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. joepublic107
    February 24, 2017

    Cuckolding seems like a gateway drug to an open relationship or separation.
    Do you feel cuckolding will eventually migrate to you feeling less capable to satisfy your woman, and then eventually you looking for another woman who can restore your masculine side?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Michael
      February 26, 2017

      Hey Joe, thanks for the thoughtful question. I explore some of the psychology behind cuckolding in other posts on https://creamoftheplanet.com (I have a tab called Cuckold Psychology). You might find those interesting. I believe one of the great myths around cuckolding is that the cuckold has no power. Much of what is explored in this post was us playing sexual games. Sienna did it because I wanted her to. I write about this in “Cuckold: A Submissive Woman’s Perspective https://dionysusandblackbulls.com/2016/12/27/cuckolding-a-submissive-womans-perspective/ And, she would never do it again if I didn’t want her to. As far as restoring masculinity, it is an interesting dynamic. To expose one’s lover such a situation and still retain her love and adoration after it is over may actually enhance one’s masculinity. It can reflect confidence and power as well. Regardless of how well he fucks her, the reality is that there is no doubt about who she loves and will be going home with.


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