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Cream Pie & Sexual Superiority



“You acknowledge the sexual hierarchy by licking his cum from my pussy. My sexy lover with a smaller white cock shares in the bliss of the Black Bull fantasy with the white sexual Goddess–YOUR woman. My forever white lover sets me free to fulfill my lustful cravings for black men.” ~ Sienna

I am texting with Sienna and our messages are lagging. I tease her about how poorly her phone works and she doesn’t put up with teasing. “You’re a phone bully! I’m going to have my big brother bully you back–my big black cock brother! He will put your phone and your cock in its place!”

She has long resisted the aspect of our fantasy that casts me as sexually inferior to her Black Bull. Having now experienced her first black cock, the reality seems to have given her new perspective. I explore our expanding erotic edge. “Mmmm, what is he going to tell me or show me? Is he going to show me again how much better he fucks my girl…how you respond to having a real cock inside you?”

As she often does in the midst of our erotic exploration, Sienna wants to validate me as her man and lover. “Mmmm yes! But, I always come back to my little white cock. It may be small but it so dependable, loving and precise!” While admirable, she unknowingly works against my cuckold desire and minimizes her comments about her Black Bull’s sexual superiority. I push her for more. “Yes, mine is the cock of the man that loves you. The other man has different intentions. He offers a big, thick black cock intent on making you feel his sexual superiority by giving your tight white pussy a feeling you have never had before have always secretly craved.”


Sienna continues to express her desire for black cock while also building me up. “Yes baby, I do crave MORE and I want more big black cock! This is so hot and naughty…love it! I can take it all from both of my men and drain you both. But baby, I don’t really ever drain you. Even after you you have fucked me so good and came so many times, your big beautiful balls keep loading up with more cum for me!”

Sienna’s comment around having a black man cum inside her pushes an erotic hot button for me. “Mmmm, you can and have handled two men! Watching a black man fucking you so good and filling you with his black seed drives my crazy!”

Sienna – You are watching and playing with my red, swollen lips as the cum of another man spills out onto the sheets. My pussy is on fire and wanting my man’s cum inside me too!

Michael – I move down between your legs as you excitedly sink your hands into my hair. His volume is heavy and his scent is heady.

Sienna – Mmmm, I’ve been spread open and wide to accommodate such a large thick black cock. How does he taste, baby?

Michael – It’s an overpowering sensation…powerful like the large, strong cock that opened you up like never before and left its seed deep inside you. His sperm is mixed with the juices of your orgasms. It is an intense mind fuck to lick another man’s cum from your pussy.

Sienna – Wow, that is a hot, crazy thought! For you to lick another man’s cum from my pussy is a crazy good mind fuck! It’s such an epic “wrong” in my head but it makes me so wet! For me to fuck a man I don’t even know is so out of character for me. To desire to fuck a black man just because he has a big cock is something I would have never done before meeting you. Now, for all of this to be encouraged by the man I love and for it to happen in front of you is crazy hot! This is an incredible gift you have given to me. Then, I can’t even get my mind around you licking my pussy after another man has filled me with his seed. It is crazy hot!

To have the woman I love describing the desire and pleasure of being able to fuck a well-hung black man in front of me as a “gift” is so erotic. To know it makes her wet thinking about me licking his cum from her well-fucked pussy takes it another level. She has become so sexually liberated and it is so hot to be a driving force behind releasing her hidden desires. I tried to share how I thought about it as well.

Michael – I think there are a couple layers at play for me. There is the visual contrast between our cocks, the emotional rush of seeing you with another man, and the excitement I feel watching how you physically respond to his size and how hard he makes you cum.

Sienna – Mmmm, Fuck!!!

Michael – Then, there is a building recognition of his sexual superiority. I witness my sexy white lover responding to the more fulfilling and powerful sensation of larger black cock. You rub and squeeze his balls wanting him to drain his hefty manhood inside in your silky pink walls. You lose your inhibitions in the moment and surrender to the lust engulfing you. He is owning your tight, white pussy and making you his black cock slut.

Sienna – Baby, I was craving Jalen’s cum inside me and so wanting to drain his massive cock!

Michael – All the while, I watch intently as my smaller white cock dripped with arousal and acceptance of what is happening. You respond to him in ways I have never seen. He fucked my woman better and made you feel things I can’t. As you lay there satisfied and exhausted with his sperm spilling heavily from your gaped pussy, I accept what is now obvious and take my place in the sexual hierarchy. I move between your cum-filled legs to lick his cum from your satisfied pussy.

Sienna – Mmmmm sweet love, this so hot and naughty! It is true that he made me feel sensations your little cock can’t give me. Yes, he fucked me better than you can but it only makes me want you more! You are my sexy, yummy, confident white lover! You spoil me and provided this pleasure…even though it came from another man’s big cock. It is only from within the safety of our relationship that I was able to fully experience this taboo pleasure. While I had once doubted it was possible, your place in the sexual hierarchy is now evident to me. Still, your power is greater in the hierarchy of love and that is where you prevail. Deeper than all the layers of this fantasy, is the unbreakable love we share. Laying there feeling loved by you and sexually satisfied by his big cock, I am loving my baby deep as I see you getting what you want and need by licking Jalen’s cum from my pussy or tasting the cum from future black cocks. You acknowledge the sexual hierarchy with your actions. This makes it even hotter for me because it’s like a reversal of the fabric of our culture. My sexy lover with a smaller white cock shares in the bliss of this Black Bull fantasy with the white sexual Goddess–YOUR woman. You give way to my deep sexual desires and I no longer have to hide my shameful cravings. My forever white lover sets me free to fulfill my lustful cravings for black men. Through this, you and I experience a more honest and deeply committed love. This is so fucking sexy and crazy hot! Mmmm, I love you!!! 💋😘😘💋🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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10 comments on “Cream Pie & Sexual Superiority

  1. liverpoolmunky76
    November 1, 2016

    Fuck that’s hot

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    • Michael
      November 1, 2016

      Ah, you found my side project blog. I’m trying to arrange some posts here before introducing them on Cream of the Planet. Thanks for checking out this post and commenting. 🙂 I think everyone is too bashful to comment on the posts in this blog. This was a very hot session with Sienna…still makes me so damn hard!

      Liked by 1 person

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