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Hotel California – Final Boundaries

Note to Reader: This is a new post that I’ve backdated so it doesn’t appear in the WP reader. I’m in the process of building out the story of my journey with Sienna and getting things organized. I will be featuring this journey later in the year. In the meantime, if you are interested in continuing, hope you enjoy the sneak preview.

Final Boundaries

Sienna and I are less than a week away from meeting Jalen and experiencing our first interracial cuckold experience. Sienna has been extremely busy with work, and I’m feeling a bit disconnected from her at a time when I needed to most strongly feel our connection. After all, in one week another man (with a much larger cock) is going to fuck her. The buildup has been hot, but it hasn’t exactly gone smoothly.

Sienna and I have always had a clear vision of how we wanted to experience this fantasy and have literally written volumes about it. Her fantasy has always been one of submission to me and part of that submission meant fucking black men. This is how she saw it, how she felt emotionally and physically comfortable in the fantasy, and how she always described it in our storytelling. Cuckolding: Submissive Woman’s Perspective is a great example of how she envisioned the fantasy.

In her communications with Jalen though, she has been constantly going “off script” and creating visuals that are very different from our fantasy. Being consistent with our vision of the fantasy is important because we are the couple and have to live with the outcome. Jalen will do his thing and then he will be gone. Sienna and I left with the outcome and memories as part of our relationship. Because of this, I want Sienna to have an amazing experience and for it to be as close as possible to her ideal fantasy. If she felt disappointed or emotionally hurt after the fact, it would be too late to fix anything.

A week from meeting Jalen and I find myself not having a clue about how Sienna actually wants to experience this fantasy. Her fantasy of me being in control and commanding her seems like a distant memory. Through her sexy messaging with Jalen, she had created expectations that are very different from how “we” want to experience the fantasy. This disconnect has been a constant point of tension between us. I have frequently brought this to her attention but she just couldn’t seem to get her mind around what I was saying.

While I worried about Sienna’s experience, my needs were much simpler. The actual details of how our cuckold experience played out weren’t really a big deal as long as a few things happened:

  • Eye Contact – I wanted her to occasionally make eye contact with me and not ignore me. This would connect me to her and the experience.
  • Treat Me with Difference – I wouldn’t be physically involved too much but when I did move in close to Sienna, I wanted her to respond to me with difference. I wanted Jalen to see and feel our special connection…a connection he marveled at when following our blog and engaging with us as a couple. In a competitive sense, I also wanted him to know that regardless of how big his cock was, our love was far stronger than any fleeting lust she might be feeling for him. If she were to be dismissive of my presence, it would feel humiliating and I don’t mean this as a form erotic humiliation. It would feel genuinely embarrassing.
  • Protect Sienna’s Boundaries – I wanted to understand and protect Sienna’s boundaries. She needed to think about those boundaries before it was too late and did anything in the heat of the moment she might later regret.

When we first decided to move from fantasy to reality, Sienna had established some boundaries she felt strongly about. I’ve listed these below and struck through those that dissipated during the buildup with Jalen.

  • No kissing
  • No anal
  • No coming in her mouth
  • No use of the word “Slut”
  • No spanking or rough handling from the Bull
  • No use of terms of endearment (e.g., baby, lover)

Somewhere along the way, Sienna felt it would be too disconnecting with Jalen to rule out kissing all together and said she would be okay with it. Much to my initial dismay, she also became turned on by Jalen calling her a black cock slut. I describe this erotic transformation in the post: Black Cock Slut (not yet posted). In terms of spanking, this was something she actually introduced to Jalen in one of her erotic vignettes to him. While this wasn’t a boundary to me, she had been adamant that I was the only man she wanted to handle her that way.  Then, all of the sudden, I’m not the only man she wants to handle her this way. Moments like this tended to frustrate me because her communication with Jalen was inconsistent with how she had said she wanted to experience this fantasy.

A week out from meeting Jalen, I make a final push a clarify the boundaries. It started with some text messages and ended with a phone conversation:

Sienna – Baby, I have a question about Thursday with Jalen. What if it gets really intense and naughty? I mean if all goes as well as we think and it feels really good as he’s fucking me hard…will this be hot for you? I just wonder how things will go if it heats up and it’s really good for me and feels really amazing? Will you want me to be coaxing Jalen and telling him how amazing he feels or not? The reason I ask, is you know when we get into our rhythm and it is so good that I tell you “fuck me harder and more” etc??? Well, the feeling gets so intense that sometimes I just start talking to you and telling you things to encourage MORE!!! So, I wonder if this will be similar with Jalen? Although, I don’t think I’ll ever have to beg for MORE from him…yikes!!!

Michael – Whew, this message made me so hard! It is so incredibly erotic to see my sexy Girl pondering how good a black cock may feel inside you and your potential reaction. Baby, I want you to feel completely free to experience Jalen. This is my gift of pleasure to you through another man’s larger cock. Share with him and me whatever you feel, whatever drives you wild with excitement, and that which makes you cum hard! If it feels amazing, tell him how incredible his big black cock feels. If it’s like nothing you have felt before, tell him so…milk it and make Jalen spill his creamy load of black seed inside your opened up white pussy…

Sienna – I love that we can have this openness and freely express ourselves. I will be communicating with you and with Jalen and will allow the evening to unfold and as I feel it very hot and good. I will express myself Baby!!!!! I just want to make sure we are okay with the expressions that come from this very new experience. I’m very excited and turned on by it all!!!!

Michael – Can you see yourself telling him he’s the best fuck you’ve ever had? I need to prepare myself for this very real and likely possibility…

Sienna – BABY!!!! And I cannot even imagine EVER feeling or saying anything like “the best I ever had”. This is the most sacred expression only WE share!!! We will ALWAYS be the best!!!

Michael – I can feel some of the emotional pressure building within me and my need to connect with you is super high right now. I don’t think we will have much time to talk before Wednesday so let’s make it count when we do connect live or on text. I want Us to be feeling each other soooo close going to California.

Sienna – Baby, tell me when we can talk? I will make the time! It’s important!!!! Send me your flight info too. When do you land on Wednesday? I want to either pick you up or something! I love you Michael!!!

Sienna and I later connect on the phone to discuss final boundaries. It is surreal to be talking with the woman I love about where she wants another man to cum while she is fucking him or sucking his cock. My mind is spinning as I listen to Sienna’s sexy voice assuring me that will be hot to feel Jalen cum all over her face and hair, but not in her mouth. Then, she describes how she wants to feel his big juicy cock coming inside her pussy or all over her tits. She finds it all so exciting to think about and wants to experience these moments. The only thing that is off limits because of “love” or what she felt was “sacred” was another man coming in her mouth. It seemed be a somewhat arbitrary line to me, but it was good to know. It wasn’t anything that I could control and she would be on her own for that one.

Another topic was to get her feelings about Jalen burying his cock in her ass. I brought this up because of a message exchange I recently had with Jalen. I had reached out to confirm some logistical details and meeting times and shared how much fun Sienna and I had with one another during this buildup. Jalen replied with a warm and friendly message. He added that we come from different backgrounds and referenced my awareness, “You’ve read my stuff…you already KNOW how I get down, lol. ‘Mr. Power-fucking’ Brazilian hotties in their ass 😀 😀 ” This was the first time there had been any mention of anal sex and it seemed pretty clear that Jalen was having thoughts about burying his thick, 9″ black cock in Sienna’s ass.

It had been quite a while since Sienna and I discussed the possibility of another man fucking her in the ass. How is that for a topic of conversation with your soul mate? I’m trying to remain thoughtful about what we are discussing while simultaneously rubbing my hard cock through my slacks. The massive wet spot of pre-cum is going to be hard to hide. She is adamant that there would be no anal sex. He was much too large to even consider that possibility. Besides that, I had taken her anal virginity and she liked the thought of me being the only man to ever experience this with her.

As the conversation wraps up, I feel pretty clear about what was off limits to her. She didn’t want him calling her “baby” because that was our word for each other and she would never call him baby or other pet names that lovers share. These terms of endearment crossed the line from a purely physical experience into a more emotional connection. These are special words and sentiments reserved for lovers. Sienna completely agreed. Oral cum shots and anal sex were experiences she also felt were sacred between us and didn’t want to share them with any other man. From my perspective, I was okay with Jalen coming in her mouth and anal sex. Actually, seeing both would be really hot. But, these were “sacred” to her so I didn’t push.

I often shared with Sienna that my only emotionally dangerous spot in this fantasy would be feeling that she was swept away by another man to the point that my presence in the room was meaningless, ignored, and didn’t add to her excitement. In other words, it becomes about her experience with him and not our experience. She reaffirmed, as she had often expressed in our role plays, that my presence was the driving force of the fantasy. “If you weren’t there…if you didn’t want it to happen..I wouldn’t be there with Jalen. This is our experience as a couple. It is about US!” She added, “I please him to please you.”

As we wrap up the call Sienna asks, “Baby, what are we going to do when I really like it and crave it in the future?” I told her that I would first spank her ass for being such a naughty black cock slut! Then, I would find another Black Bull to fuck her and give her what she needs. She liked that, “Baby, mmmmm! You made me cream my panties!!! You take such care of your girl!!!” As a man that savors cuckolding, it is so erotically intense to have my lover so blatantly and wantonly lusting for big black cock.

I always fantasized about Sienna feeling emotionally safe enough and confident in our love to completely surrender to her sexuality. Now, she was in this wild sexual state and untethered by the societal restraints that once held her down. Her submission, surrender and, in a sense, unification with her raw, primal sexuality is almost complete.

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