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Two Hands and a Mouthful

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Setting the Stage

If you are new to the Hotel California series, this probably isn’t the best point to begin your journey. To maximize your erotic pleasure, I encourage you to go back to the beginning so you can more fully experience the rising erotic tension and emotional angst that flows throughout the Hotel California and continues to build in the post below. Hotel California is a series of true stories devoted to my journey with Sienna into our first interracial cuckolding experience. You can access the entire series here:  Hotel California.

If you are interested in more of the backstory, I’m building out a related series called Sensual Shadows that pre-dates the Hotel California on my timeline. Sensual Shadows is a blog Sienna and I wrote together where we shared our love stories and also explored our emerging sexual fantasies: exhibitionism, D/s, small penis teasing, and interracial cuckolding. Come and wander through our garden of love and fantasies in our  Sensual Shadows

Two Hands and a Mouthful

Sienna and I are steadily moving towards our first interracial cuckold experience and savoring every step of the erotic buildup. Jalen is the fortunate man we identified to be her Black Bull. He is fortunate because Sienna is a total babe with blonde hair, blue eyes, full breasts, perfect ass, sexy little tummy, and such a sweet, tight pussy. Any man would be fortunate to experience her. We are fortunate too, of course. Jalen is a great guy–muscular, fun, hung, handsome, and sexually savvy–perfect to explore the fantasy with.

As a cuckold, it is intensely erotic to witness my lover being seductive with and turned on by another man. Sienna knows I find her messaging with Jalen to be super arousing and she always tries to send me copies. As copies of her messages drop into my phone, she has my undivided attention. I see a photo I had taken of her while she was giving me a blow job. I was surprised she had sent this photo to Jalen because it showed her entire face…with a cock in her mouth. I’m usually much more cautious about such images making it out into cyberspace. The photo is followed by a chain of messages:

Sienna – Two hands wrapped around and a mouthful! I thought I’d send you a photo of me with Michael’s cock in my mouth so you can imagine the contrast. I’m imagining how hot it will be to see and feel the difference between you and Michael and to have both of you in my mouth and hands! You were also commenting last night on ‘my eyes and my mouth’ so I wanted you to see them again – XX Sienna

Jalen – Oh gawd! My dick is about the size of your entire head. No shit, lol! Luv the look in your eyes. It’s almost as if you are looking at/for me. Hmmmm… Fuck you have some juicy lips!! Mmmm! I WANT!

Sienna – MmmmmHmmmm!!!!! YES, these lips WILL be wrapped all around your dark, sweet, yummy cock!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh….I WANT!!!

Jalen – My dick alone is enough for you to have two handfuls AND a mouthful of “dark, sweet, yummy cock”! 😉 Active as my imagination is, I cannot get your pussy out of my head. I can FEEL the sweet inviting warmth of your pussy wrapped snuggly around my girth. Every stroke pushing me deeper and deeper as you beckon for my seed to spill… DAMN!

Sienna – Yes!!!!!! I often think about the swirling tongue as you gently pull my petals between your lips…tasting my sweet nectar that flows in anticipation of feeling you. Then, your dark thickness opens me up and exposes my pretty pink virgin white pussy…Whew! Mmmmm, silky pink goodness surrounding your thick full head!!!!!

Jalen – YESSSS! I imagine you’ve always craved a larger cock. Even though you love how Michael’s feels, deep down you really desire something more…more substantial…in your hands…in your mouth…in your virgin white pussy 🙂

Sienna – Mmmmm, Yes! I do want more!!! I have been thinking about you! Jalen, all I have been thinking about is the moment you described…you…ME wanting and craving MORE!!!! Yummy! Imagine me looking up and beckoning you to have your virgin white pussy….all our anticipation…me knowing that you will give me ALL I have craved but that which my man is incapable of giving me. I crave MORE and I need your deep rich, dark fulfilling BBC goodness to satisfy and please me, mmmm! This is what I need and that which only my sexy Black stallion can provide…

Like everything I will share during this journey, it is exciting to also share it with you. I think it touches on an exhibitionist streak in me. Being cuckolded in private is one thing, and sharing it in a more public forum adds another erotic layer.

This series of messages was the first time Sienna openly told him how much she anticipating having big cock in her mouth and her “virgin white pussy”. She also gave me a major dose of small penis teasing which is something I find very hot. Sienna pointedly shared with him that she craved his bigger cock and needed him to provide her with the deep, fulfilling satisfaction that I was incapable of providing her.

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