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Down By The Poolside

Pool 75-2

Sienna and I are together in Miami enjoying a much needed respite from the winter chill gripping the country. An afternoon relaxing by the Eden Roc pool is certainly a ready-made prescription for our winter blues.

Like many of you drawn to this blog, I have my kinks and interracial cuckolding is one of my favorites. Sienna on the other hand had a very conservative upbringing and was somewhat sexually naive when we became lovers. I would change this. Under my careful guidance, Sienna has blossomed into a beautiful sexual being that is eager to explore her sexuality within the safety and love of our relationship. Like no woman before, she is eager to please me and ensure the fulfillment of my wildest fantasies. This being the case, it means she has fucked and will be fucking a lot of black men.

Sienna now knows how it feels to have a handsome, muscular black man driving his thick 9” cock inside her tight little white pussy. While she once thought it wouldn’t be that different and certainly not better than sex with me, she learned that it was in fact an experience and pleasure greater than she never imagined possible. Now, Sienna constantly fantasizes about black men and eagerly anticipates her next big black cock.

Sienna is wearing a sexy bathing suit that accentuates and reveals much of her full breasts, tight waist, and perfect ass. Down by the poolside with legs dangling in the water, Sienna notices a tall muscular black guy in the water. The water glistens off his dark satin skin and rippling muscles. The sight is not doubt is generating a different type of glistening between Sienna’s legs as she directs my attention to him. It is obvious Sienna has caught the attention of this black man as well. In truth, Sienna catches eyes of most men and could likely have her pick. I’m fortunate to have won the love and affection of such a beautiful creature and one that is also willing to be so sexually adventurous with me.

Down by the poolside, the opportunity for a new adventure is drifting closer. Sienna and I exchange knowing glances with one another. I squeeze her and let her know I’m going to give her a little space to see what happens. I dive into the pool for a refreshing dip. On cue, the black guy moves a little closer to Sienna as I watch from a distance. She smiles at her potential black suitor as he moves closer and is soon resting against the edge of the pool and talking her up. He isn’t being too subtle about his intentions as his eyes are indiscreetly and lewdly roaming up and down her exposed, sun-kissed skin.

I have listened to Sienna describe her black cock fantasy many times. She is excited by the naughty nature of cuckolding in general and even more so with the added taboo of interracial cuckolding. She is surely wondering if this man sees her as some variation a sexual goddess to be taken and conquered? Will he make her his black cock slut and personal Barbie-like fuck doll? Does her exposed lay parts make his massive black cock swell in anticipation? Does he picture the contrast of his large black hands against her perfect white ass? Does he share the same visual contrast of his meaty black cock and thick dark head positioned against her tiny pink opening? Does he have any idea how she craves being opened up deeply and stretched wide by a big, thick juicy black cock?

Other thoughts are surely running through her mind. Not the least of which is the reaction of people lounging by the pool and witnessing the scene unfolding before their eyes. It especially drives Sienna wild for other white women to know she was about to get fucked by a black man. In her mind, she is certain that deep down inside the other women are envious and want the same experience. Part of this is feeling is driven by the taboo desire to experience the decadent pleasure of big black cock. Even more than this, Sienna believes these women wish they had a man confident enough and generous enough to allow them to experience a similar gift a pleasure.  I am certain that some variation of these questions and thoughts are swirling through her naughty mind as this black man drinks in the visual of her exposed, sun-kissed white skin.

Pool 74-2

The thought of his Sienna fantasizing about another man’s cock always drives me wild. More often than not, these are vague fantasies. Today it takes on a new level of intensity knowing her desire is more specific and directed towards a particular man. He is no longer abstract. Instead, he is there standing before her and it is his black cock that she is craving.

Sienna would describe this moment, “Our minds communicated with a sensual and almost 6th sense of raw attraction. We were craving the same thing…each other. He was my hung black stallion and I was his sexy white girl with a tight yearning pussy. I remember looking over at you and seeing you wipe the pool water from your eyes to get a clearer view. I knew you were experiencing a fiery mind fuck. Knowing this only turned me on more. You are the reason I do this. I know you want this for me, and I want it for you. I imagined the immediate rise you were experiencing below the water’s surface. Of course, your rise wasn’t noticeable like it was with the stallion manhood of the black man standing seductively before me.”

She was right. Wiping my eyes, I’m enveloped in the immediate tension between jealousy and arousal. There is a pang in my stomach and my heart races as the erotic swirl engulfs me. She looks so beautiful and is by far the most attractive and sexy woman at the pool and in the world to me. It doesn’t surprise me that this dominant black alpha male is drawn to her. I’m filled with mixed emotions knowing it it is my woman that he has selected to pursue. He will feel very proud of himself later today knowing he has taken such a woman and fucked her into submission. Sienna’s eyes sparkle with excitement as she smiles and flirts with him. She tosses her hair, spreads her legs a little wider so he can a better view of her wanton pussy. Her anticipation of having such a man taking her and pleasantly stretching her little white pussy is evident. She knows how good it feels and she is wanting it again. My little white cock rises in a small gesture of defiance mixed with excitement.

I know it won’t be long until another black man stakes his claim deep inside my sexy girl. Soon he will be rubbing his massive black cock all over her face and filling her sexy mouth with his heavy, throbbing manhood. All the while, her pussy will drip with excitement and anticipation of becoming his black cock slut. Once again, I will witness another man opening Sienna’s tight white pussy and touching areas deep inside her that I will never know. He will bend her over and fuck her deep in your ass as she she reaches under and rubs his balls while begging him to spill his black seed deep in her ass.

As for me, I will wait patiently for my turn while she writhes in ecstasy beneath her black bull. One thing I know with certainty is that it is only a matter of time before I am licking his cum from her well-fucked pussy and ass.

As these thoughts swirled, I realized I was probably a bit on fantasy overdrive and should manage my expectations. After all, Sienna is open to the fantasy but she is also extremely picky about selecting her black bulls. I reel my thoughts in a bit and work my way back over to Sienna and her new friend. We exchange introductions and have a few minutes of small talk. He definitely has the look that Sienna is drawn to in black men: fit but not overly muscular, tall, dark, handsome, and well spoken. Sienna smiles and informs me that Terrell has agreed to come up to our hotel room for a drink.

I’m a little shocked by how quickly this progressed. Of course, Sienna has a green light to advance our fantasy into reality anytime and anywhere…with or without me present. Clearly, this a case of being at the right place, at the right time, and with the right guy for Sienna to want to experience her next black cock. Congratulations Terrell, you just won the sexual lottery taking place down by the poolside.

To be continued…


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