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Cuckold Psychology: Interracial Wife Breeding

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Sienna and I were several years into our relationship and deeply in love as this story unfolds. Interracial cuckolding was by far our favorite sexual kink and had a strong presence in our day-to-day communications. It was more than fantasy though as we had also experienced it several times. Cuckolding is one thing, interracial cuckolding took it to a new level of excitement for us. As we explored the edges of our shared fantasy, I wondered what her reaction would be to the thought of becoming pregnant by her bull (a black man). This situation is known as “wife breeding” in the cuckold fetish.

***Note*** Interracial relationships based on love is not the subject of this post. My exploration of interracial wife breeding is framed within the context interracial cuckolding as a sexual kink and specifically refers to cuckold play between a black man and a white couple.

Interracial wife breeding is a fringe fantasy even within the cuckolding fetish. It isn’t a fantasy that turns all cuckolds on. As an abstract thought, I find it arousing but know it is something I would never actually want to experience. Still, it pushes some hot buttons for me and was curious how Sienna would react to it. I crafted an erotic vignette that captures many of themes associated with this fantasy and sent her the following:

At long last his powerful tool erupts as manhood pulses and releases his black seed deep inside you. Slowly, his erection subsides. He has conquered and satiated the white goddess…my woman. His meaty cock slips out with cum trailing behind it and leaves you exhausted on the bed with legs spread wide.

I acknowledge my position in the sexual hierarchy and move between your legs. I feel compelled to lick his cum from your pussy. Through this act I acknowledge to you and him what the three of us already know…on the sexual hierarchy, he is more. He has fucked you better than I ever will and given you more. As I look at you with uncertainty about my action, my thoughts swirl. A black man’s, bull-sized cock has erupted inside you. He filled you deeply with his creamy sperm to a point of overflowing as excess semen spills out from between your swollen and flushed lips. It seems somehow right that I should acknowledge my place by taking his cum in my mouth directly from your pussy. My little white cock drips with excitement…even appreciation that he has fully satisfied my white goddess.

It is a scene that plays out over and over between us and other black men. Then it happens. A black man plants his seed inside my gorgeous blonde woman and has bred you. The journey to this point has been wildly erotic and this only deepens our connection. It no longer matters how much black cum I lick from your pussy or how many times I release my own sperm inside you. My lover has been bred by her black bull.

It is a union that was inevitable and one that was centuries in the making. You glow with such love for your baby and find yourself in a persistent state of naughty arousal. Content and excited, I rub and touch your growing womb. I will nurture and provide for you and what is now our baby.

As a family, we represent a full societal reversal and portend what the future may look like. Black bulls willingly provide sexual fulfillment for sexy white wives and ultimately breed them. By her side, the white goddess has her devoted, supportive, and encouraging white husband. Despite being endowed with a smaller cock, he is bright and eager to work hard for his white wife. He will be a good father to the baby of his wife and the offspring of the sexually superior, dominant black bull.

Sienna – This is wrong on so many levels but so, so VERY HOT!!! You wrote this so well and are so talented.  People write about this but not like you…not nearly as well as you do. It would be so odd to have another man’s baby inside me…even more so to have a black man’s child. But, a mother’s love for her children is so deep and intense. The baby would be part of me and part of my gene pool. I like how you ended it too by bringing it back to us and how you would be loving and supportive of me. I love that!

Michael – This takes interracial sex to another level. By breeding the sexy white woman, the black man conquers your gene pool through his large cock.

Sienna – Fuck! That is such a wild, crazy thought! It is so wrong but so damn hot!!!

Sienna sends me a photo (similar to this one):

Pregnant belly with hands of mother and father. Pregnancy

Sienna – Baby, we are home and I’m wearing the tight yoga pants you like as you slip in close behind me. It happened sweet love, a black man finally got your girl. His long, thick cock opened me up like never before and planted his black seed deep inside my fertile womb…something you could never do. Your strong, white hands stroke my belly as a brown bun swells deep within me. You affirm me with love and acceptance as you acknowledge I’m carrying a black man’s baby and there is no turning back. This was only made possible by giving way to our fantasy and surrendering to the deep desires we both hold. 

Michael – Baby, I cannot begin to describe how incredibly erotic I find this visual and the emotional vignette you have painted with your words. Even the thought of you finding an image of a pregnant woman and imagining her with a black baby inside has my heart pounding and cock straining! I envision us in this embrace and state of blissful acceptance.

I send Sienna the following digital art image:

A50 copy 4

Sienna: Mmmmm, this is a very provocative pose!!! I like it but I would rather have you in a more superior position around me. I love that you are embracing my belly, this represents your unconditional love for me and our baby. Also, I like how the dominant bull proudly stands behind me hiding his guilty BBC which is responsible for the swelling tummy.

Michael – Wow sexy girl, these are some VERY HOT and naughty thoughts! I get what you are saying around positioning. It is probably a matter of perspective. My take on this was that the sexually superior and dominant bull not only fucked my girl better but also planted his seed deep inside you. Despite my best efforts, your egg genetically preferred his sperm. My pose is a recognition of the sexual hierarchy and my unconditional love for you and the child I will raise.

Sienna – Yes, but you are still my strong, sexy man…despite having a little cock. She has a very relaxed and comfortable look on her face. That is how I would feel having been fully satisfied by my black stud and also having my little white soul mate there to embrace the growing one who he will soon hold and love as his own. Also, knowing I’m swelling and getting uncomfortable due to the late stage of my pregnancy, I can’t handle my big black cock at this time. You see this as the perfect time for your little cock to enjoy some fun. I can now feel at least somewhat fulfilled with your little cock until I deliver. Then, I will once again be needing MORE!!!

Michael – Wow! This is all so crazy hot! I anticipate slipping my cock inside you as our black baby stretches your womb. There is a new, unfamiliar tightness for me to savor. I strain with excitement as I slide my full length inside you. The ever-present reminder that a black man has bred my woman sweeps me away in an erotic swirl as I cum powerfully but without purpose. The Sperm War has already been decided and I lost.


As I mention at the onset of this post, interracial wife breeding as an abstract thought excites me but I wouldn’t actually want to experience it. I believe it is the potential threat of wife breeding that fuels the Sperm War reaction within me and many cuckolds. This biological reaction is even stronger when interracial sex is involved because the outcome is more visibly apparent. Some (not all) cuckolds experience an exhilarating rush of erotic humiliation through cuckolding. The erotic humiliation experienced in the confines of a private setting is potentiated when the cuckold’s lifestyle becomes known in a more public way. Interracial wife breeding would lead to public humiliation. The threat of wife breeding isn’t the only psychological driver in my cuckold fantasy, but it is one of several key drivers.

Understanding Sienna’s (or a woman’s) hot buttons in this fantasy is something I will revisit. Perhaps we can glean a couple themes from her responses:

  • Taboo sexual behavior can be exciting to some people – cuckolding in general is considered taboo and even more so with interracial cuckolding. The thought of having a baby with another man ( while already in an emotionally committed relationship) takes it to an even more taboo level of excitement.
  • Physical stature and cock size – Sienna confesses to her deep desire to be with a well-hung, black, dominant male. The thought of this man breeding her seems to potentiate her erotic response.
  • Couple’s Relationship Must Not Be Threatened – She still desires the love and support of her man as a life partner, romantic lover, and father for the baby. The couple’s relationship remains strong and intact. Any sense that the relationship would be damaged or ended would certainly cause this fantasy to crash and burn. I established a sense of relationship safety when describing the fantasy to her which freed her to play with the fantasy on an erotic level. Sienna often expressed throughout our relationship and exploration of this fantasy that no matter how well other men fucked her, our relationship and deep soulful love always reigned supreme and was her ultimate source of fulfillment.

I hope you will add to the conversation. Your thoughts and comments are welcomed ~ Michael


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