Dionysus and Black Bulls

Cuckold: All The World's A Stage

Act IV: A Knowing Wink

My tagline for Dionysus and Black Bulls is “Cuckold: All The World’s a Stage”. This is a reference to the power of the cuckold that is often ignored. It is the cuckold that is the director and often the writer of scene unfolding before his very eyes. Cuckolding is erotic theatre and each person has a role to play. Before we (the cuckold) can even begin to stage this erotic theatre, we must first win the love of a beautiful goddess. Then, the sexual role play or performance begins. Act I represents the establishment of the fantasy. Act II is the transition to reality and the erotic buildup with another man. Act III is the actual cuckolding experience. Act IV is the erotic fun the couple has with one another in the post-cuckolding afterglow.

At the time of “A Knowing Wink”, Sienna and I have already experienced our first interracial cuckolding adventure and are in our post-cuckolding afterglow. Having experience her first big black cock, she is definitely open for more. We are talking on the phone and she mentions that earlier in the day she was coming out of restaurant and an attractive, young black guy had given her the up and down and winked at her. He was parked in the car beside her and they continued to exchange a few flirty glances before she pulled away.

What follows is a series of texts inspired by this encounter that we shared throughout the day. It illustrates how couples can use the cuckold fantasy to spice up their sex life and also highlights some of the erotic themes found in the cuckold fetish.

Michael – Hi sweetheart, I so enjoyed the naughty moment you shared with me today. It is always so very hot knowing black men find my sexy girl so desirable and want to bury their big bull cocks in my girl’s tight, little white pussy and gorgeous ass. These moments always make your man’s little white cock stand at full attention!

Sienna – Hi Baby!!! Mmmmm, it is hot knowing your reaction to the naughty glances I was getting from the young hung black bull! I imagined he was wondering if I had a lover with a little white cock? He probably sensed it and was hoping my man would want to see his girl stretched wide and fucked deep by a big, thick black cock!!!

Michael – Mmmm Baby, that was HOT! He saw you—a gorgeous, sexy, blonde bombshell— and was no doubt fantasizing and wanting fuck you deep and hard! He wanted to know how it feels to have your little, white pussy wrapped tight and dripping all over his thick, meaty, dark manhood as he plunges the depths of your pussy that only his cock can reach. He knows from locker rooms that you aren’t being opened up deep and stretched wide the way he can fill you. He swelled immediately as his eyes connected with yours. He sensed you had dark cravings and he winked to make it known that he also craved you!

Sienna – Baby, he was communicating the obvious. It was very hot knowing what that wink meant and he had me instantly wet and swollen for his powerful black cock. The thought of you and I walking out from a restaurant and having this same type of reaction from a black bull would have been even HOTTER for me. I was so wishing you were there with me so we could push it a little further. I’m thinking of how both of us together in that situation would be exuding our excitement about having a black stud lusting after my tight, eager white pussy!!! 

I send Sienna a photo of a black guy in white pants, with his massive black cock hanging out.

Michael – After you smiled and left, he had needed a little room to stretch out…

Sienna – OMGosh, what a magnificent cock! He is so large and very dark! Looking at it makes me creamy wet! I can’t wait to come back and reply to this Hotness!!!!! Whew!!! I’m grabbing some ice cream now and melting for you! And, now I’m craving some DARK CHOCOLATE…ice cream! Fuck!

It was such a rush for me to feel Sienna lusting so openly on gushing over the sight of another man’s cock. Sienna returns from here ice cream stop and continues with the texting.

Young sensual girl eating ice cream. Closeup of a pretty woman enjoying an ice cream on the background of cloudy sky. The girl in joyful feelings. Outdoors, lifestyle.

Sienna – I didn’t have Dark Chocolate. I only had a small vanilla cone. It was still yummy, just a little small. I devoured it completely…just like I do with your little white cock inside me!!!🔥🔥🔥

Michael – It left you wanting MORE…?

Sienna – Yes Babe, you do leave me always wanting more!!! I miss you and crave you…and MORE!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🐓🐃

Michael – Mmmm, it made me hard and excited sending the photo to you. I got such a naughty rush thinking about my girl looking at another man’s cock and becoming aroused…

Sienna – My panties are soaked all the way through thinking hot naughty thoughts about us and Big Black Cocks too!!!!! 😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Baby, I miss you and I want you!!!!! I crave you and I crave US…our passion and our love…our crazy, sexy, wild passion!!!! I want you to love me deep and kiss my head…to make me feel adored. Then, I want you to ravage me and fuck me hard! Give me MORE and MORE until I crave a bigger, thicker, darker and even more fulfilling cock! I’ll be fantasizing about this and how you will whisper in your sexy deep voice about how you will give me what I crave and satisfy your princess with big dark chocolate pleasure!

Michael – Sexy Girl…what a message, mmmm!🔥🔥🔥💖💞 I’m so hard and straining thinking about my beautiful princess craving me close. I imagine holding you tight and building our passionate blaze. I can feel you wetness and arousal as your craving builds for a larger more fulfilling black cock to stretch you wider and fill ALL of your sweet pussy🔥💖💏😘❤ When you lay exhausted and satisfied with a black man’s sperm spilling from your well-fucked, sweet white pussy, I’ll slip my straining little white cock into your creamy, slippery wetness and flood your pussy with your man’s essence!🐓💦💦💦🔥Then, I will hold you close and kiss your eyelids as we drift together into our afterglow🌌💏💖

“A Knowing Wink” was a naughty little moment in time that fueled our sexual energy all day for one another and…more.  I pulled out a couple themes from this post to explore in future posts devoted to Cuckold Psychology.

  • Others finding your woman attractive – exciting to both cuckold and cuckoldress
  • Interracial cuckolding
  • The importance of my presence in the moment
  • Small penis teasing/humiliation
  • A woman’s desire for more
  • Our love and passion – cuckolding as a way to fuel the couple’s passion for one another
  • Her submission to my desire
  • Barbie Doll/Fuck Doll fantasy
  • Sloppy seconds

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