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Cuckold: All The World's A Stage

Blacked – Anticipation

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Sienna and I are in a loving relationship and a week away from our first cuckold experience. Sienna and Jalen (the fortunate black man that will soon experience my sexy girl) are engaging in some erotic buildup.

Sienna – JALEN!!! One week from today I will be on a plane to California! I find myself a little  weak in the knees as I fantasize about our first encounter. I feel like a little girl counting down the days before Christmas and can’t wait to open my hot sexy awaiting present!!!! This is all so crazy…good crazy! Wow, we are slowly closing the gap to our meeting and I can’t wait!!!!  

Jalen – Yeah I know. This is all so crazy, right? We went from blog buds to…lovers? Sex friends? Lust-crazed fuck denizens? Speaking of closing gaps – cannot wait to OPEN yours! I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, the closer we draw near…the less ‘poetic’ I get and the more direct I become. But, that is You bringing it out of Me. My day is already caffeine fueled and hard charging!

As a cuckold, it is hot to see my lover so excited and lusting over another man’s cock. Through this exchange I also witness another man telling Sienna how eager he is to OPEN up my girl’s pussy. The previous night, Jalen shared an erotic vignette suggesting that while Sienna loved me and my cock, she has always craved a more substantial man to fully satisfy her sexual cravings. The thought of having Jalen’s big black cock inside her has had Sienna dripping with anticipation for months. Their dialogue continues:

Sienna – YES!!! I can see how your “direct” explicitness has evolved. However, we LOVED last night’s email! DAMN, all of the carefully crafted and descriptive scenarios had me captivated! I have equally as much “adoring passion” as I do steamy HOT erotic cravings. I presume you’ve already learned this about me from the soulful depth our blog and even more so since we’ve connected. This deep connection is why Michael and I are so perfectly matched. Well, at least 99.9% matched and this is why you have cum into our picture! Jalen, I do savor the comparison of you to Michael and I’m craving your big, sexy, hot black cock!!!!

Jalen – FUCK Sienna you are so damn delicious! I swear, I can taste your mouth even right now as we go back n forth in this email! That being said, you must weigh what – between 115-120lbs? Seeing as I routinely do biceps curls up to 130 lbs, I imagine you weigh nothing more than a ‘Fuck Doll’s’ worth of flesh which I find fascinating! I can scoop you up and plant you firmly on my cock, bounce you up and down with your tits banging off my chest while standing – that just sounds fun! Hell, I could probably even spin you around while holding you and fuck you from behind while standing! Hmmmm….this gets juicier and juicier the more my mind wanders! Gladiator fucking. Gawd, I you are so delicate – just makes me want you MORE. Your Ebony Warrior is crazed with lust for You.

Sienna – Okay, so your earlier message about me being “a fuck dolls” weight and spinning me around? I’m trying to visualize that and have a fucking crazy Hot visual! I am on top of you and lowering myself down ever so careful and s l o w l y…taking in only as much of your thick, long succulent juicy cock as I can manage. My ass dips down and your dark shaft disappears little by little. Then, I spin around and my ass is now in your hands as you guide me little by little. You are calling me your black cock slut and telling me you want me to take MORE, MORE, MORE of your dark thick cock inside!!! You grab my ass and give me a little spank as you guide me up and down…. Mmmm, Wow!

Jalen – Mmmmm YES! A ‘fuck doll’s weight’ is one of my better lines. I will talk to you and call you my ‘sexy little slut’…my hot little Fuck Doll…hear you confess how you fucking luv this big black cock!  You are so fucking sexy and gorgeous and will be addicted to my Black Cock! You will crave it and dream about it…wanting me to cum inside of you as this black snake pumps your pussy! Say it…. I wanna hear u say it. Tell me how good THIS cock feels inside of you! You’re a black cock slut, aren’t you? You love this black cock. Say it. Say ‘This is MY Black Cock’. This is MINE. Only MINE!’

This was a super intense texting session. If you have a cuckold fantasy, the erotic hot buttons are obvious. In particular, I enjoyed Sienna telling  Jalen his cock was larger than mine and craving his more substantial manhood, wanting Jalen to call her a black cock slut (something she had once been adamantly against), and her desire to have him spank her as she takes as much of his long, succulent, thick cock as she can handle. She once felt very strongly against another man spanking her. As we move closer, her boundaries are falling one-by-one to the wayside.

I message Sienna:

Michael – Sexy girl, your man’s cock is hard and dripping as I read the cravings you shared with Jalen, mmmm! I can see your scenario so clearly…your pink lips stretched wide trying to accommodate such a manly cock…telling him you love his big black cock…that you are his Fuck Doll and black cock slut as you ride his bull cock…I imagine your excitement is intensified knowing that the man who loves and adores you is watching as you confess your slutty cravings in front of me? I want you to look into my eyes as black man makes you his personal black cock slut… 

Sienna calls me and we talk about my message to her. She assures me that my presence does add to her excitement. “Without you, none of this happens! This is OUR fantasy! It seems so wrong but it is so damn HOT!” Our conversation then moves to discussing our first meeting with Jalen. At her request, we originally planned to have a meet and greet on the first night with no expectations for sex. After the hot buildup of the last few months, Sienna is now craving an appetizer that first night.

She shares a fantasy about dipping a finger into her pussy and giving Jalen a taste while the three of us are seated at the bar. Then, she wants me and Jalen to take her into the men’s room and admits how exciting it is to imagine taking him into a stall and sucking his huge black cock. “The whole idea of being in a stall in the men’s restroom and sucking a black man’s cock is so dirty and slutty…it makes my pussy gush!” If not there, “Maybe we can walk him out to his car and I can suck his cock in the parking lot?” Sienna is ready to experience Jalen, I have no doubt she would fuck him in the parking lot if given half a chance.


The conversation is surreal. It is crazy and so hot to have a conversation with a woman that loves me while she is rolling out scenarios for how she can get another man’s cock in her mouth as quickly as possible. As we get off the phone, Sienna is about to go for a cycling workout and says, “My pussy is so soaked, I might slip off the seat!”

In one week, another man is going to fuck Sienna. I’m so excited about experiencing this moment. Would you agree that she is looking forward to it?

Visit my home page at Dionysus and Black Bulls for more cuckold-related posts. I hope you’ll also take a moment to explore my primary blog, Cream of the Planet which explores topics beyond cuckolding.

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