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Fuck Doll at the BBC Altar


When another man tells your wife or girlfriend that she is his personal Fuck Doll (and she likes it) you are definitely experiencing a cuckold moment.

The following post takes place as Sienna and I are engaging with Jalen (a well-hung black man) during the buildup to our first cuckold experience. Jalen sends Sienna an erotic vignette around how he imagines their first contact.

“As soon as we enter the hotel room it is all grabby-feely, pawing at each other’s body. Your mouth meets mine, and I taste the urgency on her tongue. Soaked with excitement, a trail of saliva splashes into my mouth. It is sloppy and immediate. Your juices are now Mine. You moan softly as your small hands grab at my thick chest, arms, ass, and dick.

I’m surprised at how slim you are. Compared to my own beefy frame, you body is little more than ‘sex parts’ – lithe limbs upholding all your juicy Goodies – a sun-kissed barbie doll really. A nice full set of tits press against me as your taut little rounded ass–just meaty enough for my huge hands to squeeze (mental notes on a doggy-style session) and curvy hips writhe anxiously. Your fiercely toned thighs hide the entrance of your tight wetness from my would-be invasion. In essence, you are a living fuck doll for my pleasure. My hands find your hips and my erection is immediate and my long hunk of meat strains against my jeans–-poking out proudly, begging to meet his new friend.

You have waited long enough and wasted no more time. You want your new friend and you want him NOW! You start pushing me towards the bed, but I have different ideas. I snatch a pillow off the bed and throw it on the ground. I motion you down on your knees and you happily oblige. There, in a position of reverence, the stunning blonde attends the altar of her BBC Lover. There, on her knees, you happily and obediently take your place. Your small hands work feverishly at unzipping my jeans and sliding them down. My boxer briefs are but a thin layer of fabric BARELY holding back the monstrosity inside. The bulge is excruciating! You grip my boxers to pull them down as my dick comes flying out with a loud ‘PLOP’ across your face. Your shimmering emeralds widen and your face lights up! The thickness and length encompass your entire face. “Oh…My….FUCK” is all you can muster. Breathily, you wrap your hands around my shaft and envelope the upper portion in your warm mouth and suck away with famished hunger….”


It is definitely hot to see another man writing such things to my lover. When you reach a point where another man is calling your woman his personal fuck doll, you are definitely deep within a cuckold experience. I wonder if this vignette captures other experiences he has had with white women reacting to his big cock? Are these women swept away in the moment with his size and so willingly drop to their knees in a position of submission? How would it be for Sienna? Would she kneel before him in a submissive manner and worship at the BBC altar?

Sienna’s reaction to this message is somewhat muted. “Not sure about the ‘position of reverence’ or ‘altar of my BBC Lover’. He is definitely full of himself!” I respond and tease her, “He may be full of himself but soon YOU will be full of him. You always beg me for more and he is there to give you the ‘more’ you crave. You won’t have to plead with him to give you more.” Sienna agrees, “I might have to say ‘No More’ to him. I never have to say that you, ha! Sienna is confident in her reaction to Jalen’s erotic vignette and not being swept away by his presence or cock size. Still, I wonder how submissive she will be to him in the moment? Time will tell.

Sienna replies to Jalen with her own erotic vignette:


“The buildup, anticipation, and crazy wonder is finally here! Michael and I are waiting at the bar, and each time I see someone enter the bar I look and wonder if it’s you. My back is now towards the door as Michael and I share a toast and a drink. My lips touch the rim of the glass as the soft silky underside of my bottom lip slides across the glass. I imagine feeling this sensation under your plump, slippery head. I love the feel of a slippery cock as it glides across my lips. I jump as I feel the embrace of a large encompassing hug! I look down to see the large dark hands around my torso firmly under my eager tits! Michael squeezes my thigh as he sees my body rise with the anticipation of our 3rd party pleasure….”

Sienna has always been drawn to the scenarios I’ve created around us meeting her Bull in a public location. She is excited by thought of us being on a date when a black man enters our space and begins to handle her in a sexually playful manner. It makes her pussy wet knowing that everyone around us recognizes we are a couple and this black man is going to fuck her. This theme plays out slightly in her message to Jalen and makes my cock aches as I imagine the public embarrassment and excitement of this moment. Sienna’s description of her anticipation of having Jalen’s plump, slippery head in her mouth and breasts so eager for his touch has me dripping with arousal.

Michael – I’ll be reading your message to Jalen over and over tonight as I stroke my cock and will cum so hard!

Sienna – Baby, have your Girl! Mmmm, I am only for you in our deep sensual way. It may only be a Black Bull that can satisfy my deepest physical desires but only you and I can relate and touch in that most intimate and deeply intense emotional space. Cum good and strong for me tonight! After tonight, I want you to save your cum for next week. It will need to be abundant so you can mix it with Jalen’s and spread your cum all over me to mark your spot! I want you to drown me in your blissful cum! Remember, it’s YOU I love Michael and my pussy is naughty for you!

As promised, I end the night stroking my cock while fantasizing about Sienna craving another man’s much larger black cock. It is a strange feeling. My cock is so hard and dripping with excitement as I think about a moment that doesn’t even involve me having sex. Yet, I am having sex…I am receiving a wonderfully erotic mind fuck! I send Sienna a photo of my heavy release.

Sienna – Baby, this is so HOT!!!!!!!! Mmmm, were you thinking of my virgin white pussy being invaded, taken, and stretched by a Big Black Cock…far beyond your little white cock?

Michael – MmmmmHmmmm, that is EXACTLY what I was thinking about!

The next time I cum, it will be inside Sienna…after Jalen has filled her pussy with his sperm. I can’t wait!

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