Dionysus and Black Bulls

Cuckold: All The World's A Stage

Act IV: She Reacts To Our Cuckold Photos & Videos

There is no doubt that it is hot to be in the moment as your lover is cuckolding you. I’m not sure there is a consensus though around that this is THE hottest moment. Some cuckolds enjoy the buildup and anticipation even more. Other cuckolds enjoy the “afterglow” or what I think of as “Act IV” in the cuckold journey. You have probably noticed how many cuckolds seem to enjoy taking photos and video tapping the experience. While the woman is experiencing physical pleasure in the moment, her cuckold is capturing images and memories for them both to enjoy later as a couple and individually.

Having gone through this several times, working on editing the images and video during the afterglow might actually be the hottest part of the experience for me. It makes me crazy hot to be alone with the images and to able to relax, process, absorb the details of the experience. After my cuckold experience with Sienna, I would send her photos to see how she would react. In a sense, this process certainly extended the cuckold experience for me and also fueled our passion for one another while priming the pumps for our next naughty adventure.

This post focuses on Sienna’s reaction to photos and videos I would send her.

*Note* To protect Sienna’s privacy, I obviously can’t show the actual photos. Still, it was hot recreating digital renders that mimic the actual photos I took. Hope you enjoy them.

I send Sienna a photo of her black bull straddling her and feeding his big cock in her mouth:

Sienna 209-1-2

Sienna – Wow!!! These photos are so erotic…. I like the color tone and what you did with the images! You’re making me excited and wet with anticipation as I stroll down memory lane!!!!! Now you will have me dreaming of BBC all day!!!!  It’s crazy how you can see my whole hand wrapped around his massive cock with still so much left that I can barely fit him into my mouth! Whew!!! Mmmmm, such a contrast to how I swallow ALL of you down to the base…. 

Michael – 
Naughty Girl, now you have me hard and straining! I like the thought of your sexy mouth relaxing as you easily slip all of my smaller, thinner manhood into your sweet lips. I suppose this is one advantage to being smaller? I know what it feels like to be completely engulfed in your loving lips, mmmm!

Sienna – That’s true, babe! On other hand, a big black cock gets to feel ALL of my white girl pussy and touch me in places you will never reach! Mmmmm, the thoughts and visuals you put in my mind about me getting MORE always make me crazy!!!!!  I want to talk…I miss your sexy deep voice!!! Mmmmm, especially when you whisper sweet naughty in my ear!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💋💋💋💋💋💋

I will continue to add to this post as I move through my very large archive of cuckold memories and find more of Sienna’s reactions.

More to come…

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